What is palm kernel shell?

One type of tree that has various benefits for the life of humanity is Palm oil. Where these tree varieties are often identified as palm oil producer. Products that actually come from utilizing the content of palm oil fruit.

But do you know, what is a palm kernel shell looks like? And has the Palm kernel shell been thrown away all this time after squeezing the contents of the fruit without giving the slightest benefit. In this article we will explain what is palm kernel shell actually is.

What is a Palm Kernel Shell?

Synonym Shell

The first thing you should know is related to the term Palm Kernel shell is to understand what shell is. The shell is the part of the layer that is close to the flesh of the fruit, in this context, of course the intended is Palm oil fruit.


Not much different from the shell characters from other types of coconut fruit in general. Where the skin always has a contour that emphasizes the hard side. The opposite of the contents of the fruit. This serves as a protector of the palm kernel flesh from bacteria, insects or pests.

Color Pattern

Palm oil fruit skin will definitely experience a transformation of color patterns. Starting from the color of the fruit color at a young age, stepping into the almost mature period until the time is ready for harvest (ripe). The color pattern is the green phase where the fruit is still very young. The reddish orange indicates the phase towards early maturity. Brownish maroon red as a phase of almost perfect maturity. And finally the dark brown blackish indicates the phase ready to be harvested.

Fruit Layer

This color pattern is the outer layer of the fruit. Then it was followed by the second layer, filled with skin meat which was pressed on the palm shell. This third layer which is hard is called the shell or palm kernel shell. Meanwhile the white flesh is in the deepest layer, which is protected by the shell us called Kernel which can be turned into Palm Kernel Oil.

Palm Shell Content

Also not to miss, another important thing that you should know is related to the content contained in the palm kernel shell. Where this shell has elements that are completely different from the others. Especially with ordinary coconut in general. As for some of the elements that are contained in Palm kernel shells, they consist of the following:

  • Contains moisture content (moisture in Analysis), more precisely that is equal to 15-25% (As received) or 8 – 11% (Air Dried Base)
  • Having a minimum ash content, approximately 1-3%.
  • Evaporation levels are quite high, (volatile matter) which is around 68 – 70%
  • Contains Activated Carbon around pure (fixed carbon) approximately 20-22%.
  • Have more than 4,200 Kcal Calories